When I was a kid, seems many moons ago, my parents purchased a Weimaraner.  I made my first appearance in the conformation ring, at matches.  She wasn't the best of dogs, but she did help develop some self assuredness.  These day the American Kennel Club, with support from the Weimaraner Club of America, offers junior showmanship, which does the same thing.  She had one litter of puppies, which had characteristics frowned upon in the standard--white toes. 

When I was older, and on my own, I still had dogs.  A tragedy hit and I went and purchased my first Weimaraner from Virginia Alexader--Ch. Frederick Klaus V Reiteralm CD NSD (Ricky).  Like alot of people I wanted a female, but one wasn't available,  He was a challenge.  Came home a quiet puppy and at 4 months old discovered he was alive.  I learned alot from Ricky.  It took 13 tries to get his CD, but we did get it. 

When Ricky was 2 years old I got a female from Virginia--Tasha.  Tasha got a little big, went over the standard and was not able to be shown.  She had 1 litter of pups.  I kept a female from that litter, but she was never able to have puppies.

I then went to Canada to get my next dog.  John and Dianne Archibald provided me with my foundation bitch--Ch. Arokat's Snapdragon CD.